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Fly fishing tuition

If you are new to fly fishing then Devon is the perfect location to learn the art. All of our fly fishing courses take place on the grounds of our HQ at The Fox and Hounds Hotel. This means there is no need to arrange a meet at a public fishery and worry about who else might be watching or your instructor having to make sure he gets you the best spot on the lake. With The Devon School of Fly Fishing you have access to our private lake and it is often the case that it will be just yours for the day!

We make our fly fishing tuition as flexible as possible. We start on the lake as it easier to learn to cast on still water but if you had always dreamed of wading in a river casting to wild brown trout then we can organise this. Again having the river on the Hotels grounds means it s just a short walk down for you to try your luck.

Fly fishing is different from other forms of fishing as fly casting is a more important but enjoyable aspect that in itself when done properly is hugely rewarding. As a newcomer to fly fishing we will make sure that everything is broken down into easy to understand sections and we teach you to understand each cast and how it works so that if it goes wrong you know why it has done so and how to put it right!

For the more experienced fly angler we are able to offer fly casting lessons to help iron out any difficulties you might be having when fishing alone and also to add a few new tricks to the armoury. We are able to teach you all the casts you will need for your fly fishing career including. Distance casting, spey casting, presentation and slack line casts and single and double haul.

We offer fly fishing tuition on an hourly, half and full day option.

Email us or call for further details.