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Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

We no longer update this blog but do not worry, we have a Facebook page that is updated regularly with stories, fishing reports and much more. We hope you like it and if you do please remember to Like our page.

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New Water

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

I got a call from a farmer in our village. It sort of went along the lines of “you know that bit of stream that I have running through my land?, wanna fish it?”

You can probably guess the answer. We arranged to meet at 7pm as I didn’t have a spare day as work has been a little crazy.

The stream is small, overgrown and hasn’t been fished for quite sometime. The farmer is the only person who has fished it and he hasn’t done that for a while.

I asked him what he used when he last fished it expecting the reply to be a Mepps but I was really pleased to hear that he only fished it with a Tups dry fly.

I had my 7ft 10″ 2wt and on seeing the amount of branches cut my leader right back. This was proper jungle warfare stuff where bow and arrow casts and roll casts would rule.

I tied on a dry to my 5ft leader and followed John downstream. He showed me a few spots that he thought there might be a chance of making a cast, so I did. First cast I drifted a fly just a short distance downstream where a small trout hit it. I missed it.

We got into the spot where John originally wanted me to fish but nothing happened. Next pool though and I had a fish. John watched excitedly as I brought the first fish in followed by another.

This is how the evening went and we packed up when it was too dark to tie on another fly. We lost count of the fish caught but it wasn’t about that.

I can fish it when I like now and with a little bit of pruning it could be a great little bit of fishing.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of Eat, Sleep, Fish in the next few days.

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Almost there….

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

The waders only have a small leak and I have some new ones on order. I have checked the fishing vest and I have everything I need. There is a new leader on my fly line and I have tied to motherlode of flies over winter. Looks like I am ready to go and hit the river. Friday I shall be doing just that in the company of some like minded people I am lucky enough to call friends.

What more do I need? Not a lot really. The weather might suck but I don’t really care. I am just looking forward to fishing the river I love so much and if I am lucky enough I might even catch a fish.

We gather bright and early, have a coffee, swap stories and do some fishing. It is more of a social event more than anything else but I really enjoy it and we all have a few drinks afterwards as well.

If you are out I hope you have a great one and enjoy the day!

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Eat, Sleep, Fish


Tis the season to be jolly

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

It has been a a while since I wet a line. My timing hasn’t been that great and the tiny windows of opportunity that have appeared have clashed with other things.

It means that I have had a bit of a sabbatical from fly fishing and sometimes that can be good. Not always, but a little break can help you realise how much you love it all and can’t wait to get back in the waders again.

In the run up to Christmas I have been doing some casting tuition and looks like I’ll be doing some more in Jan for those heading off in search of bones. I really enjoy this sort of thing and it heralds the start of preparation for 2013 and for some the start of an exciting new pastime.

In the short term though I’ll just keep checking those river levels for my chance.

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Bugs and Mags

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The drop in temperature has meant I have been adding some weight to the nymphs I’ve been fishing. I’ll fish nymphs in a combination of ways and enjoy them all. I was out the other day there was still a tinge of colour in the water so I went for a double bead head and it worked really well. It seems there are a variety of thoughts of the colour of the bead you tie on and the colour used. Orange is my favourite bead colour at the moment and I like using it in the conditions I have just described but have also started to snip off copper/gold beads in favour of orange for faster water working on the basis there is a bit more to catch the trout’s/grayling’s eye. As ever, mine are tied to fit the simple requirements – quick to tie, doesn’t matter if they get lost and they catch fish!

I published #2 of Eat, Sleep, Fish today. I think it looks pretty good and have been bowled over by the help I’ve received and the sheer numbers that have read it. We have all been amazed and really pleased. We’re not trying to be clever or smart, just share our love of fly fishing with other anglers.

A special thanks to Jim for your skills and enthusiasm.

I hope you enjoy it!       Eat, Sleep, Fish

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Out of Order

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I was due to pop out with Toby for a few Westcountry grayling and was heading over to meet him when the phone went. It turned out that  his car had been broken into and some gear stolen. He was understandably pretty upset and had some stuff to sort out as a result of it.

I always try and look for the best in people but I can’t for the life of me understand what motivates people to feel they are entitled to take other people’s property. They were probably opportunist thieves and possibly had little idea of what they had taken. I know a couple of the rods that were taken had sentimental value and I am sure people who steal don’t think about things like this, or even care. I think that if these sorts of people are caught they should be made to confront their victims just to see what effect their actions have had. It is easy to steal something when you can’t see the rightful owner but how would they feel when they have to look their victims in the eye?

I was half way to the river and didn’t think I’d be of any help to Toby so I went on ahead. It was the first time I had fished this river without him and it felt a little strange.

The weather was a bit murky and the river had a very slight tinge of colour to it but it was perfectly fishable. I rigged up and tied on a dry and nymph duo style and cracked on. I had a couple of small fish nudge the dry pretty quickly but things went quiet for a bit. I worked my way up the river, focussing on the slacker areas of water and the slightly slower flows. The water wasn’t clear enough to stalk the fish so I worked on instinct and the fish started to come.

I picked up fish as I worked my way upstream. I didn’t knock the cover off of the ball or anything but picked up fish here and there. I spoke to Toby to see how things were going and he had found some of his gear down an alleyway so there was even some good news. He even talked about popping along if he could make his old waders waterproof in time.

It was past lunch and I fished up to where I normally get out but thought I’d try for one more and head back, working on the basis that if Toby did turn up it would be a shorter walk for him. I managed to get caught up in a tree in a really overgrown bit so hopped out and got in further upstream. There was a nice gentle curve in the river and I cast my fly upstream.

The dry dipped and I set the hook. I thought I had hooked a big out of season trout that first headed upstream and then down. There wasn’t much I could do with the fish but managed to keep it out of a couple of nasty snags and netted a beautiful grayling. I managed a couple of pics and slipped the fish back.

The weather was on the turn and any fish I caught after this one wouldn’t have done it justice so I snipped my flies off and headed home. I only wish Toby was there to have seen the fish.

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Wrong sort of leaves?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

I hit the river last week looking to catch a few grayling. The weather in Devon hadn’t been great but there was a break forecast in the rain and so I hit the A303. the thing I forgot to mention was that there was a bit of wind due instead.

Wind doesn’t bother me too much, despite fishing a 2wt rod and I had decided to fish a beat that was a little sheltered anyway. You might think it a wise move (perhaps not) but it did turn out to make things just a little more interesting as the wind was doing one of the many jobs it does. One of those at this time of the year is clearing the trees of their leaves.

The lovely flow lines that bring the grayling food and oxygen were also carrying the leaves off. To be honest, it was a little bit of a pain as both my dry and nymph did a pretty good job of clearing the river of leaves. Most of the leaves come off with a brisk false cast but others try and hang around a bit longer and can make an interesting mess of your leader!

I decided to fish the edge of the flow lines and the fish had similar ideas and it appeared they were staying clear of the debris too. I found a spot that was just above a deeper pot that I could see a few grayling in and had some great fun casting a double tungsten beaded nymph just in front of them and then gently lifting the rod when it was in front of them. I’d fish a few casts with one nymph then change it for another mixing the bead colours too. I fished a gold bead and had a couple and orange one and had a couple more and then a fly with a couple of pink beads on and had four fish. With the pink bead the fish didn’t even need the induced move and just hit it. I even had a couple of chub too that I can’t seem to remember catching on this river in all the years I’ve fished there.

After lunch I rigged up a French Leader and fished a couple of small nymphs. It worked well and I had a good number of fish and had on briefly a real hog that came off. It was good fun though and nice to be back up there again.

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Devon Fly Fishing

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I’m probably being a little previous (at least I hope so)  that the river has had a more autumnal feel to it this week. Fishing has felt a little tougher, although it has been a pretty good season so everything is relative I guess. The starts have that cooler temperatures to them and it has meant it has taken a bit of time for fish to start looking at flies and 4pm has been a good time to get into some good caddis hatches.

I sort of feel a bit guilty hearalding the end of summer and a shift into autumn, especially as it is mid August so I hope I am well and truly wrong and that we get a nice Indian summer to end off the season.

Maggie at one with the Taw

It feels like Exmoor is still getting the lion’s share of rain when it falls, which is good for those fishing the tributaries and those below the Mole junction of the Taw but, like I said earlier, the season has been a good one to us further up the line and one that I hope continues.

I have been tying flies a bit more of late and after a day on the river I give a bit of thought to what has gone on and how I can tie something that might be of use when I am working. During the season tying is more of a necessity than a hobby, so that I have enough of the right flies just in case a few go astray. I do it because I need to and I don’t have a problem with it but I like to get them done and ready rather than lavishing great love on them. That having been said I have really been enjoying it of late and have come up with a few easy to tie patterns that like the description says are easy to tie and catch a few fish. Foam has been one of the main materials and I have a balloon caddis that takes a few minutes to tie and floats like a cork and an emerger pattern that sits right in the film of the water and the fish love it. I’ll post some up at some stage.

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Fly Fishing in Devon

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

I can’t remember how many times I have said to myself, Emma and have probably written here too that I intended to do more fishing this year. It hasn’t played out that way but it makes those days when I have a rod in my hand even more special.

It is also great when you get to fish with people that are great company and superb fishermen. Jim Williams ticks both of those boxes for me in a big way. I speak to Jim a fair bit as I think we share the same views about life, business and fly fishing. Namely, that they should all be fun, not complicated, shrouded in mystery and not to be  taken too seriously.

Jim had fished one of the beats here a few years back but I was keen for him to catch a few fish on the Taw and then to head up to Dartmoor the next day. We met at the hotel, had some coffee and hit the river.

It is interesting to watch and learn how other people fish the water you know so well and it was great to see Jim catching fish from the off. As we both had a few days off it wasn’t about catching huge numbers but about sharing the fishing together and enjoying the whole thing. We decided to just fish some dries and see what happened. It worked just fine!

We headed back to mine where Emma had prepared a curry which we wolfed down and then we popped out to have a look for some sea trout. We dropped by the hotel to pick up Daran who I had been guiding for a few days to see if he wanted to tag along. He did and we hit the water. Daran had a good pull off of a fish and I sat back and watched the guys fish. We were all a bit tired so headed back pretty early for a nightcap at the hotel where we ended up talking fishing for a good long time.

Next day I took Jim up to Dartmoor and to a few of my favorite stretches. Once again, within minutes he was in to fish and the pattern pretty much continued. I think we only fished about 3 patterns the whole 2 days but the highlight was watching Jim pick the pocket water of a stretch I like to head to. It was great seeing him enjoy it so much. I have a feeling he’ll be back!

We both like fishing light lines and were both fishing 2wts for the couple of days. I have a new 2wt that I am over the moon with and I think it will be my main rod from now on. Jim is a huge fan of 10ft rods and fishes them almost exclusively. I think he was one of the small handful of people who were first to do so, whereas now they are a common site for me on the river. He really thinks about tackle and what he is trying to achieve with it and puts it to such good effect in both his fishing and teaching.

Jim, it was a real pleasure buddy and I can’t wait to hit the Coln with you. To read Jim’s report and much better photos on our trip click HERE.

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River Taw fly fishing

Friday, April 8th, 2011

It is always nice to get to fish or guide on a new water. I was down on the south side of the Moor to meet up with David who has over 1 1/2 miles of some really nice water and wanted to see how we would approach and fish it for migratory fish. It was a really nice piece of water with a mixture of deep, shaded, slow pools that looked the ideal spot for sea trout and some classic salmon pools too. David covered it and fished it really well. It was one of those bits of water that, despite the water being low, you are always in with a chance.

David fished his stretch of water!

Yesterday I hit a new piece of chalkstream. Small, overgrown, low, clear and intimate. The sort of water where you have to spot the fish and creep up on them. We fished light with a one weight and worked hard on the stealth stuff. You know what? It worked pretty well. Despite the fish up there not having fully woken up we looked for the shallower water where fish were lying and offered them a CDC emerger. The only downside of this simple, but hugely deadly fly is that once they have had a fish you need to nip them off and tie on another. I had at least three of them being rotated on my fly patch during the day.

The grannom have really been flooding off of the Taw and the fish have been on them. We have a new section of water for our fishing school which is about 1 1/2 miles long. It is lower down the Taw and has some nice salmon pools and spots for sea trout along with brown trout. I have walked it a few times now and reckon it is longer than that as the river twists and turns but there is a great amount of water for our guests to fish, be it migratory or non migratory fishing they are after. This is along with all the great water that the hotel has so I reckon we have nearly 8 miles of private water to show anglers now.

I was guiding further down the Taw with Richard the other day. He has a cottage right by the river and wanted to learn how to fish the water for salmon. I was happy to help and showed him the pools and how best to approach them and how to fish them under differing water levels. It was one of the first bright, sunny days but we had a good go and it was nice walking back to Richard’s cottage for a pizza and sit in the garden before hitting the river again. Things weren’t to be but I’d mentioned that on the bright days it is worth heading down early to the river. I had done this a bit last year and it is really nice being there as the sun comes up. Anyway, Richard did just this and I had a call early the next day saying that he had landed his first salmon. He thinks it was a really well mended kelt but it is a great start to the second day of his salmon fishing career. My advice to him when I left him was to listen to everything anyone tells him about salmon fishing but don’t be afraid to do something from the left field. That is what he did and it turned out well for him. Well done Richard!

Richard swings a cascade

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