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As has been the case a lot recently the rain has played a big part in fishing plans. I spoke to Toby late yesterday and had the “what do you think?” conversation about going fishing today.

The need to get out, cast a fly and stand in a river was too great. Toby was a little burnt out after coming back from a trade show. His ferry docked at stupid o’clock and he’d made the drive home getting in at 5.30am.

He was up for it despite this but a late in the day hit of the refresh button on the webcam had shown a river that had held its level throughout the day despite all the rain had started to rise. The extra 20cm it had put on was enough for it not to be anything close to being fishable and so we decided to knock it on the head.


 I got up this morning greeted with sun and a feeling that I couldn’t sit in. The urge was too great and having rechecked the webcam I saw the river was falling. My car was packed anyway so I hit the road.

The road by our local dump was flooded. There was a car that had made it through the 2ft of water that had collected in a small dip in the road. The driver had got to the other side but was now standing with the bonnet of the car lifted and was peering inside.

I probably could have driven the 25 yards through it but decided against it. A flooded engine would cut into my fishing time. No, I’ll back up and go the other way.

One thing was for sure. The rain had been heavy during yesterday and into the night. I went through the mentally preparing myself to turn around when I got there  routine but when I first caught sight of the river I knew I’d be able to cast a fly.

Setting up with a super fast sink tip and heavy tube fly I went for it, carefully picking the spots where it was safe to wade and where I thought I could swing my fly.

Paul J called to talk reels. “Guess where I am?” After the expletives from him I finished the call and sent him a picture from my phone so he could see exactly where I was fishing.


I noticed I’d also got a text from JB who had picked his time well and fished the river Sunday.

I don’t usually carry a phone with me when I am fishing but we were waiting for a delivery of some furniture and I had promised the delivery driver I’d give him directions to our house if he got lost. I’d also told him I was sorry I wouldn’t be there. He might even be a salmon angler and would understand.

It was liberating to be out and the day was more about spey casting practice but you know what? I don’t care one bit.

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Pete Tyjas is a fly fishing guide and instructor


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