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Out there

It has been nice to get out and wet a line. The weather imposed embargo on fishing has lifted for a bit and I’ve been lucky enough to catch a few grayling and cast in a few salmon pools too.

The river bank is the perfect place to witness nature yawn a little, have a stretch and slowly get things in motion.  Wild garlic, daffodils and snowdrops are about and I have seen the odd large dark olive and witnessed today a really big hatch of midges. There are lots of other things too but for some reason at this time of the year I always keep a note of these little events. I guess it coincides with the start of the trout season.

On Wednesday I was armed with nymphs and caught a majority of grayling that way but later on I came across a little pool with a few rising fish. I was fishing my nymph leader and despite the fact I tied on a dry, an F fly, (with a shuck) and caught a couple. That was enough for me and again another milestone in waving goodbye to winter.

Issue 15 of Eat, Sleep, Fish is now out. I hope you enjoy it.

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