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Archive for November, 2012

Grayling time

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts since the close of the trout season. I have been doing some fishing and working on Eat, Sleep, Fish. I have been amazed by how it seems to have taken off. It’s funny how a little idea you have while sitting on a trout stream can grow into something bigger than you could dream of.

Trout streams or now I guess I should call them, at this time of the year, grayling streams are a great place to clear the head, think things through and catch some fish too. As I have always said there is nothing nicer than doing so with some friends and I have been lucky enough to do it a bit more now the season has ended.

I met up the other day with Mike. Readers of the blog will know him as MFD (Mike from Devon). He dropped me a mail and asked if I fancied catching a few grayling. As ever I don’t need much prompting and after meeting up we settled into my truck for the drive to the stream.

Mike is great company, the sort who can drop a comment that I think of about a day later than when I needed to use it. He has a wit sharper than a diamond drill bit and is a great fisherman too.

He is also one of those people who quickly and quietly sniffs out the latest trends in fly fishing and adapts them to the sort of fishing he does.

I remember several years back now that I saw him wandering down to the river while I was doing some casting tuition with a pupil. I gave him a wave and than noticed he didn’t have a rod with him “Mike” I shouted “You’ve forgotten your rod” He walked up to us and from his pocket he unfurled a Tenkara rod. I’d read about them but not seen one. He showed us and then went off to the river, caught a bunch of trout then settled down for a lunch at the hotel.

This was way before the current trend for them. He had done his homework, found one and thought it would suit his fishing. He still, after all this time, uses Tenkara and unleashed his 13 1/2 footer when we fished. Casting his beautifully tied flies to their target with a gentle flick of the wrist. He even took a grayling out of a pool I’d just fished!

I’d sit and watch for a while and then when he had caught a fish or felt he’d fished for a while we swap round. It was a windy but great day. One I thoroughly enjoyed.

I look forward to the next one MFD!