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Distant Sound of Thunder

Choosing the perfect fishing buddy isn’t always a quick process. You have to go through many things together to see how each of you react and if it will affect either the fishing or the balance of the friendship. It is good to experience the highs as well as the lows just so you know how the land lies.

If you know that they will get all moody if you hook the big one of the day then you need to make a note. It is going to be a long day if it was just after you started fishing. What about if they hook the big one, how will you feel?

A lot of us, I am sure, will take great delight and those I fish with certainly do as do I. For me though the real test is when there is a big one you have both spotted that is begging to be caught and you have both seen it. Perhaps even the most polite would quietly edge themselves in to position and have a go.

I don’t, and the friends I fish with don’t. Partly because these sorts of shots even themselves out over a fishing trip and there is always the banter that will accompany a stuffed cast that put the big one down.

Dude nymphing

I have just come back from an amazing trip to Derbyshire fishing with my fishing buddy Ray (The Dude). We have fished many places together and caught many fish together and he is the perfect company on the river.

The Dude and I generally stay in B & Bs which will do just fine, but for one night we decided to splash out on a swanky hotel that had some nice fishing. The budget didn’t allow for 2 single rooms so we shared. Now I have to admit I snore a little. Just a little but we had been fishing hard for 3 days when we hit the room and I was bushed. The alarm bells started to ring when The Dude got his ear plugs out and I spent a sleepless night worrying about the volume of the snores.

Dude and Dove trout

This might be a tester for many fishing buddies but, like I say, we have fished together a lot and he knew the score. The really interesting thing is that while I was thinking about the river we would be fishing the following day and what flies I might use, I found out is that The Dude is a snorer too but I did as any good fishing buddy would do – I didn’t say a word!

Eat, Sleep, Fish Issue 8 is now out, we hope you enjoy! Fly Fishing in Devon

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One Response to “Distant Sound of Thunder”

  1. Woz Andrew Says:

    Great read Pete… I enjoyed that little story fella…