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Festive Fishing

The great thing about Christmas, apart from meeting up with family and friends is the amount of food you have placed in front of you. There is, of course, a way to dodge this for a few hours and this is to hit the river for some grayling. So on the 30th Vince, Toby and I thought we should give it a go.

Toby and a grayling

The night before was a shocker down in Devon with nasty winds and heavy rain and part of me thought that we might not be seeing the river at its best but that still didn’t stop me leaping out of the bed at stupid o’clock and jumping in the truck.

I picked up Toby and we decided a coffee and breakfast were the way ahead and as both of us were early (mainly my fault as I am always early and Toby knows it)  we had time for a pit stop.

Vince brings one in

Meeting Vince at the river we tackled up, walked downstream and got going. Toby and I fished together for a bit and had a few fish pretty quickly. He fished a 10ft rod with a duo of heavy nymphs under a yard indicator and I with a french nymph rig. Both worked and after a bit I jumped out and did my host bit to make sure Vince was OK.

No need to worry as he was playing a fish when I turned up and after getting in the river just below had a few myself and everytime I looked up Vince was playing a fish. With the water low it looked like he had got onto a good pod of fish that were bunched up.

Vince was fishing a duo of klink and nymph and he had a few come to the dry too.

I lit the barbie for lunch and after it taking a bit too long to get warm Vince got out his gas powered stove to finish the burgers off.

Tailgate burgers

After lunch the fishing just continued in the same vein and we caught plenty. Vince had them to 13 inches and a good few more on dries while Toby had a 15 incher.

We packed up as the weather closed in, having had our fill. We all fished different methods but they all worked. I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere about flexibility…

Lunchtime chironomid hatch

I have been working on Issue 2 of Eat, Sleep, Fish and have just got off of the phone with Jim and I can’t wait to see his next article. It sounds like it is going to be perfect for us grayling fishers!

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