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It amazes me sometimes how we go about things in a complicated manner when we areĀ  trying to convey a simple point. Fly casting can sometimes be like this and making things uncomplicated and easy to understand allows the learning process to be an easy one.

I have been doing a fair bit of casting tuition over the last few weeks and a phrase I seem to be using a lot is “the line follows the rod tip” it sounds obvious but if you can get a student to grasp that from an early stage it really does help and make a difference. By just demonstrating a forward cast and showing an exaggerated low stop with the rod tip right at the water conveys a lot especially when the line hits the water like a bag of spanners. You can do the same with a back cast too. You use excessive wrist break and the line follows that rod on a downward path into the grass.

Richard gets to grips with single handed speys

I was also teaching an advanced angler the other day who is going to be fishing one of my favourite rivers upcountry and wanted some help with learning some slack line casts. Again, using the same phrase of line following the rod tip he was soon making wiggle casts with ease and putting mends into his cast whereever he wanted. We had great fun coming up with combinations for the ultimate drag free drift.

The drag free drift maestro!

I know there are lots of other elements involved to make a good cast, but this was one that seemed to crop up a lot of late and worked really well with the learning process. I’m from the school of keep it simple!

The trout season is almost upon us and the wind has shifted from the chilly North Easterly we have had of late. It is still blowing a bit but I’m just in from some gentle pruning and making sure access points are all looking good for the off….can’t wait!

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