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Devon School of Fly Fishing Team blog

You know when you’ve been Tangoed!

It was great to meet up with Mike from Devon (MFD) yesterday. He has taken up river fishing this year and I have been lucky to introduce him to moving water and I think it is fair to say he has been bitten by it in quite a big way. I have taken him to the Taw and Dartmoor this year and thought it was time he had a go at catching a grayling from a chalkstream too.

We met bright and early and headed off to fish. MFD is a prolific tyer and rather than me tie my flies on I thought it only right that we used his flies as I know he’d have spent a lot of time tying for this trip. We started with a NZ set up as the water was so low and clear and having asked if he had a pink bug the nearest we could get was orange. It did look a good fly and with a tiny hint of colour in the water it might just stand out a bit.

Fish on!

No need to worry on that front as Mike was into his first fish, and soon after, the next one. I must admit I gave him a bit of a ribbing about the brightness of the fly but this thing worked really, really well and he kept me busy releasing fish for him including a couple of hefty grayling that put a serious bend in his Bannister rod. The rod coped really well with the size of fish and cast the flies really well.

First fish!

We popped to the pub for a quick sandwich, or in MFD’s case fish and chips, and coffee and carried on. There was a very brief hatch after lunch, which allowed us to tie on a dry, but after it was over we went back to the orange bug and fished it outright looking for takes. Once again it come up trumps, so much so that I nicked one for myself. We came up with a few names for the fly on the way back but Mike settled on the Grayling Mugger and I think that it is just about perfect. Well done MFD!

Nice fish MFD!

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