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Fly Fishing Guide and Grass…..

Our new little lake, despite being newly dug in Feb has settled down really nicely. The clarity has been great allowing those we have taken fishing to be able to see and observe the fish and the hatches of buzzers have been fantastic, we have even had caddis the last week or so. I have today off (Sunday) and despite just a touch of rain the grass has shot up and I thought it needed a bit of a trim. It didn’t take long and I’m really pleased with how it looks and how quickly everything has matured.

To be honest I thought it might take a fair bit longer but I am really thrilled with the results.  It has already become a place where newcomers have caught their first fish and it has been a great location for fly casting lessons too. I asked the guys with the diggers to cut the promontaries so they are ideal for roll casting and spey casting purposes and the guys dug the lake to 12 ft in depth so in these warm conditions the fish have somewhere comfortable to hide up until the sun is off of the water.

It has been another great little addition to our fly fishing school and being right on the doorstep of the hotel saves our guests having to head for a public fishery.

Emma and I had a quick look at the river and my hope was the rain we have had might bring the water up and a few salmon with it. I was messing about but Em said she thought she saw a fish come into the pool.  There was an angler staying and fishing the hotel waters who said he saw a salmon move which was, to put it politely, rather sizeable. If you bump into me ask me where it was and what size!

Peter was back again this season. He joined us in early March and despite some tough conditions he did a great job and it was nice to show him the river in a nicer light. It is a real pleasure to see his angling come on each time we meet and he was rewarded with a really nice trout, amongst all of the others, on one of the days we were out. Well done Peter!

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One Response to “Fly Fishing Guide and Grass…..”

  1. Peter Legge Says:

    I would just like to thank Pete for the time he spent improving my river fishing. He took time to explain the entomology which I have started taking an interest in.
    One day I will get to Devon and find weather and river perfect, it comes to something when the lady from the hotel only remembers you for bad weather, in saying that I didn’t get to wet this time!
    Thanks again for a great couple of days Pete