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Devon School of Fly Fishing Team blog

Lessons From Fly Fishing

There is always something new to learn in fly fishing. I think that is one of the resons I love it so much. It might be a new technique or new perspective that makes you think “mmm, I see, I’ll try that.”  The real nice thing is when it works and you, in turn, can share it with someone.

There are so many avenues fly fishing can take us up.  It might be casting, fly tying, entomology or rod building to name just a few and then you throw the actual fishing in too. The moment we think we know it all then the adventure is over and then do we just sort of go through the motions?

I was on the river with Richard The Trout Slayer the other day and watching him catch some nice grayling so I guess we’ll have to change his name a bit. Anyway, the thing that struck us was how much the chalkstreams are suffering through lack of water. It meant long leaders, small flies and gentle presentations and it worked.


We ditched the bright pink stuff and fished size 20 bead head pheasant tails and red Copper Johns under a dry. There were even a few taking the dry despite some pretty heavy rain. I had some nice photos of some grayling that he caught and a nice one of a grayling that decided it didn’t want to pose but Charlie, my daughter, had been playing with the camera and set it to macro. We wanted to get the fish back quickly so the photos didn’t come out but they are etched on our memories….don’t get me going about my memory!

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